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Personal blog detailing the perspective of life and ministry that Christ Jesus my Savior has given me.

Juarez Project Results and Summer Trips

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The past couple of months have certainly been a great month for BPS El Paso. One of the greatest highlights of the year for us is the Juarez Project which takes place every spring. The purpose of this event is to distribute as many copies of the Word of God as possible in a week in the city of Juarez, Mexico. We set a goal this year to pass out 100,000 copies of John and Romans. This year was our 4th Annual Project and we were anticipating another example of God’s sovereign hand upon the ministry. As with any undertaking that anyone does for the Lord, Satan loves to throw as many obstacles as possible in the way to prevent us from fulfilling our goal. We knew that he would be up to his old tricks so we spent much time in prayer seeking God’s power and asking Him to do as He saw fit. One of the things that seemed to get us down was the small number of guests that we had signed up to come and help us. We only had seven people join us for that week and with only five days to pass out 100,000, we began to question if we had taken on too large of a task. However, we learned very quickly that the size of the task is always overwhelmed by the size of our God! With the help of the local churches in Mexico, we were able to hand out almost 105,000 copies of God’s Word! That certainly did not seem possible at the beginning, but we are so thankful that God works above what we think is possible. We rejoice in all that God did during that week and we look forward to doing the same thing again next year. If you are interested in serving with the ministry of BPS El Paso during the Juarez Project, please visit our website at  for more information. We would certainly count it a privilege to serve alongside of you.


Not only has God been faithful in the spiritual endeavors, He has also provided the needs for a few physical projects on the property. One of the exciting things for our ministry was the recent construction of a rock wall entrance at the front of our main drive. While some people may not think that to be a big accomplishment, for our ministry and those that serve here, it was an answer to prayer and a blessing from the Lord. We have been praying for quite some time for the Lord to allow us to make some repairs and changes to our property. We were very thankful when the Lord opened this door. After the completion of the rock wall, the staff men had a time of prayer and dedication to the Lord for this wall. We know that this entire ministry belongs to Him and we simply want Him magnified. We rejoice in His blessing and look forward to many more things that He will do in this ministry.



As we plan and prepare for the coming summer missions trips, we are anticipating many amazing things that God will do. Our first week in June will be a very busy and exciting one. Over 80 men from First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio will be coming down for a week and doing major construction and renovation projects on the property. It is always a blessing to have visitors from the home church and we are looking forward to getting much accomplished and enjoying some sweet fellowship. Once they depart, we will begin preparations for 200 guests that will be coming on missions trips with us this summer. We are praying already for a great evangelistic reach this summer and for the souls that will come to know Christ as Savior. If you are interested in joining with us for a missions trip or desire to support the ministry of BPS El Paso, please email us at for more information.

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Director, Bearing Precious Seed El Paso. Grateful Husband to Joy and Dad to Seth, D'Anna, and Caleb. Previously served as the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio under the leadership of Pastor Bill Duttry. Attended Pensacola Christian College and Pensacola Theological Seminary. Excited to see what God is going to do with the ministry of Bearing Precious Seed El Paso.

2018 Trip Schedule

Week 1   June 2-8
Week 2   June 9-15
Week 3   June 16-22
Week 4   June 23-29 - Navajo
Week 5   July 7-13
Week 6   July 14-20 - Navajo
Week 7   July 21-27
Week 8   August 4-10
Week 9   August 11-17
Week 10   August 18-24 

The cost per week is $350.00 per person. All lodging, transportation, and food is included upon arrival in El Paso. June 23-29 and July 14-20 trips will be the Navajo Indian Reservation trips. Arrival for these weeks will be into Albuquerque, NM.

Experience BPS El Paso

  • Assembling God's Word and then distributing in Mexico and to the Navajo Nation.
  • Ministering to one of the fastest growing cities in the world (with an annual growth rate of 5.3%, more than 7,000 people move to Juarez each month).
  • Ministering to the largest Indian Reservation in the world (roughly the size of South Carolina) with a Navajo population of over 500,000.
  • Working with local Independent Baptist churches throughout Juarez and the Navajo Nation.
  • Witnessing people accept the Word of God.
First Baptist Church

First Baptist

Bearing Precious Seed is a ministry of First Baptist Church, of Milford, OH. Dr. Bill Duttry, Senior Pastor.



Bearing Precious Seed is a local church Scripture printing ministry established in 1973.



BPS/Seedline is a means for the local church to have hands on involvement with Bible publishing for the world.



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